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John L. Lewis Award

In June 2001, the NCCMP created the annual John L. Lewis Award. Named for the former UMWA President whose vision and leadership fashioned the most influential multiemployer plans of the 20th century, the John L. Lewis Award is designed to recognize the contributions of an individual or organization whose achievements in the multiemployer arena exemplify those of its namesake.

  • 2011

    The 2011 award recipient was Michael J. Sullivan, General President Emeritus of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, in recognition of his Leadership in the Protection and Advancement of Multiemployer Benefit Plans On Behalf of a Grateful Multiemployer Community.

    Mike Sullivan.jpgi
  • 2010

    The 2010 award recipient was the Hon. Phyllis C. Borzi, Assistant Secretary of Labor/EBSA, in recognition of her years of leadership in the protection and advancement of multiemployer benefit plans.

    Phyllis Borzi
  • 2009

    The 2009 award recipient was Vince Panvini in recognition of his leadership in the fight to preserve the tax-favored treatment of employee benefits on behalf of the multiemployer community.

    Vince Panvini
  • 2008

    The 2008 award recipient was the Hon. Robert E. Andrews, in recognition of his years of leadership and support in the U.S. House of Representatives of the goals and objectives of the multiemployer community.

    Robert Andrews
  • 2007

    The 2007 recipient was Chris Heinz for his efforts with the Pension Protection Act.

    Chris Heinz
  • 2006

    The 2006 honoree was James S. Ray, an employee benefits and labor law practitioner for nearly 30 years who has represented multiemployer benefit funds, labor organizations, labor-management cooperation organizations, and workers before federal and state courts, government agencies, and the Congress.

    James Ray
  • 2005

    The 2005 recipient was John T. Pappas, Chairman of the Board of the McLaughlin Insurance Company, in recognition of a lifetime of service to multiemployer plans and their participants.

    John Pappas
  • 2004

    The 2004 honoree was Earl N. Hall, Sr., Executive Director of the Construction Employers Association and Secretary-Treasurer of the Construction Employers Labor Relations Association of New York State. He was instrumental in organizing grassroots support in the 2004 fight for pension reform.

    Earl Hall
  • 2003

    The 2003 recipient was Martin E. Segal, founder and former President of The Segal Company, who was literally at the birth of multiemployer plans. He helped form our plans, improving the life of workers and providing for their families and their retirement.

    Martin Segal
  • 2002

    The 2002 honoree was Landon Butler, President, Landon Butler & Company and co-founder of the Multi-Employer Property Trust for his work in job creating real estate projects.

    Landon Butler
  • 2001

    The first recipient of the award in 2001 was AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard L. Trumka for his leadership in the creation of the AFL-CIO Center for Working Capital.

    Richard Trumka

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