• Martha LaFave

    Health Fund Coordinator, Operating Engineers Local 49 Health and Welfare Fund

    Martha LaFave has spent several years working with Self Insured Taft Harley Health plans. She is the Health Fund Coordinator for the Operating Engineers Local #49 Health & Welfare Fund and previously was the a Fund Administrator for the Sheet Metal Workers Local #10., Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has worked to implement programs that provide early diagnosis, evidenced based treatments and Data supported quality health care programs which are integrated into their health plan model.

    Martha has worked with the Operating Engineers who have over 38,000 lives, to put together programs that provide their participants with tools to access information they need to make good health care decisions. The plan offer programs that connect participants with the best providers for their medical conditions in order to accurately diagnose. An extensive wellness screening to identify and manage health issues early and tools within the plan to support both wellness and specific conditions. The message they stress is the importance of achieving successful outcomes and managing health in order to reduce costs for the participant and the plan.

    Ms. LaFave has appeared on The Mary Hansen Show in a segment entitled “A Model for Health Insurance” and on MSNBC The Dylan Ratigan Show’s segment “Hot-Spotting for a Healthier Health Care System”.