Welcome to the National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans (NCCMP) website. NCCMP is an organization of national, regional and local multiemployer pension and health and welfare plans, International and Local Unions, national and local employer associations, individual local employers, and multiemployer fund professionals. Bookmark this page and make us your primary resource for information regarding multiemployer plans.

For more than 30 years, we've been representing the interests of multiemployer plan participants in the halls of Congress, in regulatory arenas, and in the courts.

We're protecting the financial security of our funds--and enhancing the benefits they provide--by holding down regulatory and administrative costs. We've already saved multiemployer plans billions of dollars by minimizing PBGC premiums, opposing inappropriate benefit mandates, and reducing administrative burdens.

We're maintaining the ability of multiemployer plans to establish and administer benefits in a free and flexible manner. We've prevented proposed regulations from interfering with our ability to design benefit programs that best meet the needs of multiemployer plan participants.

And, every day, we're working to defeat legislative and regulatory proposals that work against the best interests of our participants. We're fighting to stop proposals that would lead to the taxation of health benefits. And we're addressing the concerns of multiemployer plans in the debate over health care and retirement "reform" proposals.

Adult Vaccine Awareness Program: All-Vax

With the adult vaccine mandate of the Affordable Care Act now in effect, it is more important than ever that funds stay up-to-date on the wellness benefits of adult vaccinations.

The All-Vax website contains a wealth of resources related to adult vaccinations. We invite funds to include a link to All-Vax on their own websites so that participants will have direct access to this valuable information.

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