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    2018 Transatlantic Conference

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    We will hold our 2018 Transatlantic Conference May 30 – June 1, 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    We will consider a wide range of topics affecting the future of our pension plans, including global trends in technology, data, and the workforce, challenges and opportunities in global markets for our pension assets, including ESG trends and infrastructure investing. We will also consider the changing nature of what “retirement” means, given significant improvements in life expectancy, discuss adequacy of retirement benefits for members, and how various pension systems around the world stack up.

    On the health side, we will consider the future of healthcare both in the U.S. and abroad and how that will affect multiemployer health plans. We will also address mental health in the workplace, including a focus on the opioid epidemic in the U.S., and will consider the impacts of an aging society.

    Finally, we will turn our attention to the role of collective bargaining and how labor and management come together to address the challenges presented by new forms of employment and mobility of the workforce across all sectors of the economy.

    Full agendas are now available!

    We hope that you will join us in Amsterdam.

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    John L. Lewis Award

    In June 2001, the NCCMP created the annual John L. Lewis Award. Named for the former UMWA President whose vision and leadership fashioned the most influential multiemployer plans of the 20th century, the John L. Lewis Award is designed to recognize the contributions of an individual or organization whose achievements in the multiemployer arena exemplify those of its namesake.