• 2023 Interim Annual Conference

    September 11-13, 2023

    Welcome to NCCMP’s 2023 Interim Annual Conference! Please join us for our opening reception the evening of September 11 from 6:00pm-9:00pm at River Roast on the Riverwalk in downtown Chicago. We will hold a full day of plenary sessions devoted to pension topics on Tuesday, September 12 and a full day of healthcare topics on Wednesday, September 13.

    The full agenda is available below and for download here:

    Full Program Agenda

    Please note that beginning this year, that we will begin to transition our our fall Annual Conference to take place in the spring. At the same time, our Lawyers and Administrators Meeting will transition from being a spring event to a fall event. We are making this change in response to feedback we have received from our attendees regarding conflicting schedules around other plan, union, and employer events.

    This year, we are holding this Interim Annual Conference at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, IL, which will take the place of both our Lawyers and Administrators Meeting and our Annual Conference for 2023. Beginning in 2024, our Annual Conference will take place in March, while our Lawyers and Administrators Meeting will take place in the fall.



    Monday, September 11

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    International Ballroom Foyer

    Welcome Reception


    Join your friends and colleagues for our opening welcome reception at the River Roast Restaurant located at 315 North La Salle Street on the Chicago River with beautiful views of downtown Chicago.

    Tuesday, September 12

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    International Ballroom



    Gold Room

    Opening Ceremony and Welcome Remarks


    Michael Scott
    Executive Director, NCCMP

    Sean McGarvey
    President, North America’s Building Trades Unions
    Chairman, NCCMP Board of Directors

    Keynote Remarks - PBGC Director Hartogensis


    Director Hartogensis will provide an update from the PBGC, including a discussion of the status of the Special Financial Assistance Program and the PBGC’s financial outlook.

    Hon. Gordon Hartogensis
    Director, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation


    Strategies for Investment of SFA Assets


    Panelists will discuss the evolution of the investment decisions facing plans that receive the Special Financial Assistance provided in the American Rescue Plan Act given the increased flexibility permitted by the PBGC’s final rule on SFA, the opening of the SFA application period to non-priority group plans, and the extended period of elevated interest rates.

    Jonathan Siegel
    Head of Taft-Hartley, Loomis, Sayles & Co., L.P.

    Joshua Barbash
    Director, Americas Pension Group, BlackRock

    Michael Buchenholz
    Head of U.S. Pension Strategy, JP Morgan Asset Management

    Sue Crotty
    Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Segal Marco Advisors

    Shivin Kwatra
    Head of LDI Portfolio Management, Insight Investment

    Danielle Singer
    Head of North America Pension Solutions, Invesco




    Gold Room

    Legislative and Regulatory Update


    Panelists will discuss the legislative and regulatory outlook for issues impacting multiemployer pension plans, including how the partisan divide between the House and the Senate impacts Congressional perspective, a look ahead at end of year spending debates, and a preliminary look at the election forecast.

    Mariah Becker
    Director of Research and Education, NCCMP

    Missy Edwards
    Founder, Missy Edwards Strategies

    Richard Sullivan
    Partner, State Federal Strategies


    Secure 2.0 for Multiemployer Plans


    SECURE 2.0 introduced more than 90 provisions intended to improve retirement security for millions of Americans. This panel will discuss the provisions applicable to multiemployer pension and 401(k) plans, as well as the challenges posed by some provisions including the Rothification of catchup contributions and autoenrollment, and the multiemployer specific input provided to IRS/Treasury on implementation.

    John R. Harney
    Partner, O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue LLP

    Matthew Leppert
    Partner, Schuchat, Cook & Werner




    Gold Room

    PBGC Update


    PBGC representatives will provide an update on the status and work of the special financial assistance program, as well as the PBGC’s regulatory activities that will impact multiemployer plans and an update on anticipated 4213 guidance on actuarial assumptions used to calculate withdrawal liability.

    Bruce Perlin
    Assistant Chief Counsel, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

    John Ginsberg
    Assistant General Counsel, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

    Jim Donofrio
    Chief Negotiating Actuary, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation




    Gold Room

    Withdrawal Liability Update


    Mr. Green will discuss recent court cases on the actuarial assumptions used to determine a withdrawing employer’s liability, the impact on plans and actuarial calculations, and the proposed guidance from the PBGC to clarify the assumptions.

    Paul Green
    Attorney, Mooney, Green, Saindon, Murphy and Welch


    Cybersecurity Risk and Protecting Participant Data


    As trustees of pension and health funds, our funds are entrusted with a huge amount of sensitive participant data making them a tempting treasure trove for unscrupulous individuals. This session will discuss the risks that both pension and health funds face with regard to participant data, as well as steps that plans should consider to minimize those risks.

    Adam Boston
    Chief Legal Officer, International Painters and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund

    Rebecca L. Rakoski
    Co-founder and Managing Partner, XPAN Law Partners


    Wednesday, September 13

    Conference Registration


    International Ballroom Foyer



    Gold Room

    Keynote Remarks - Assistant Secretary Gomez


    Assistant Secretary Gomez will provide an update from the Department of Labor on the Department’s regulatory activity impacting multiemployer plans, including the DOL’s recent proposed rule on mental health parity and the Department’s report to Congress on their enforcement activities.

    Hon. Lisa Gomez
    Assistant Secretary for EBSA, U.S. Department of Labor

    Healthcare Legal & Regulatory Update


    This session will discuss the legislative and regulatory outlook for issues impacting multiemployer health plans, including federal efforts on drug pricing reform, pharmacy benefits reform, and changes to the independent dispute resolution process.

    Meghan Horn
    Vice President, Senior Compliance Consultant, Segal

    Carolyn Smith
    Counsel, Alston & Bird


    Sweeping Changes in Guidance--DOL's Proposed MHPAEA Rule


    On August 3, the Department of Labor issued long-awaited proposed guidance detailing the analysis health plans are required to perform and maintain to demonstrate that their mental health benefits are being provided in parity with their medical/surgical benefits. These proposed rules represent a sweeping change in approach and requirements with regard to any non-quantitative treatment limitations a plan may contain than had been previously understood, and include a number of new provisions, requirements, and a new certification of the results of the analysis by a named fiduciary. This session will review the proposed regulations and changes in detail, and will identify areas that plans have identified as particularly challenging.

    Lisa Campbell
    Principal, Groom Law Group

    Elena Lynett
    Senior Vice President, Segal




    Gold Room

    PBM Reform Legislation--Impact of State and Federal Legislation for Plans


    Over the past year, there has been an increased focus at both the federal and state level on implementing guardrails on common practices of pharmacy benefits managers. This session will discuss the state and federal level legislation, as well as the impacts on plans, recent court decisions, and implications for ERISA preemption that go beyond health plans.

    John J. Franczyk, Jr.
    General Counsel, Central States Funds

    Brigen Winters
    Principal, Groom Law Group




    Gold Room

    Hot Topics in Healthcare


    This session will consider a variety of current issues facing multiemployer health plans including the federal focus on out of pocket insulin costs and the impacts for plans, the growing use of diabetes drugs to address obesity and weightloss, the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health plans and costs, and the lasting prevalence of telehealth medical care.

    Breanna Radtke
    Assistant Administrator, Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council Benefit Funds

    Sadhna Paralkar
    Senior Vice President and National Medical Director, Segal
    Eileen O. Pincay
    Vice President and National Pharmacy Practice Leader, Segal




    Gold Room

    Mental Health Parity Enforcement


    Along with the proposed guidance on mental health parity released on August 3, the Department of Labor also issued their annual report to Congress on their enforcement activities with respect to mental health parity. This report describes in detail the situations the Departments encountered in the course of their audit activities, as well as the Departments’ responses and is an invaluable resource for real life examples of the implementation of the Departments’ approach to parity. This session will review the report, as well as the lessons for plans in the DOL’s findings.

    Elena Lynett
    Senior Vice President, Segal

    Jennifer Rigterink
    Senior Counsel, Proskauer


    Closing Remarks and Adjournment


    Mariah Becker
    Director of Research and Education, NCCMP

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