Welcome to the NCCMP Resources page.  Here you will find five resources available for your use: The Court Corner, Multi-Elerts, Links, Archives and Other Resources. 

The Court Corner is the place to find amicus briefs filed by the NCCMP and other court cases of interest to the multiemployer plan community. 

Under Links, we have listed addresses to various websites that may be of interest to our members, from government websites (for example, the Department of Labor and the House and Senate webpages) to information sites (for example, Benefits Link) and organizations such as the National Coalition of Health Care. 

The Multi-Elerts page contains an historical record of the various Multi-Elerts that NCCMP has provided to its members on issues of immediate concern. The Multi-Elerts are filed by volume, each volume representing the Multi-Elerts prepared in a single year starting in 2001. 

Our Pension Reform Toolkit page invites you to review the proposed "Preserve Benefits and Job Act" as well as several memoranda developed by NCCMP with regard to pension reform issues.

Under the Other Resources page, you will find material that was not prepared under the auspices of NCCMP but may be of interest to multiemployer plans, their sponsors and/or advisers.


Good Reason #1 to Join the NCCMP

Multiemployer plans are different. The regulations and policies that work for other kinds of funds don't always make sense for us. That's why we need a strong organization to make sure our interests are represented. Through the NCCMP, we've prevented nondiscrimination, accounting, and other rules that apply to single-employer plans from creating extraordinary and unnecessary administrative burdens of multiemployer plans. In today's political environment, a unified voice is more important than ever.